Club 'Sota Volleyball

Why We Do What We Do:

Mission Statement

To provide a fun and rewarding athletic experience through exceptional instruction and support to youth volleyball players in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburban metro area in order for them to successfully perform in current and future competitive environments within the sport of volleyball. 


An essential aspect of the organization is to provide a safe and healthy environment in which players acquire important tangible and intangible skills that produce improvement in them both as athletes and members of society.

Through skills training and team-building activities, each player will develop positive social qualities and gain leadership abilities to carry with them in all stages of their lives. 

Coaching Method

Club 'Sota Volleyball subscribes to the current teaching methodologies of USA Volleyball to help improve individual and team skills in order to achieve positive results and enjoy competition more - win or lose.

We are dedicated to providing the best Junior Olympic volleyball experience to our members, their families and affiliates by improving individual qualities and team skills through: 

  1. Hiring and retaining qualified instructors who share similar principles and approaches for player achievements. 

  2. Fostering a team-oriented environment that will allow players to enjoy the social aspects of volleyball while developing valuable physical, mental and emotional characteristics for them to succeed at highly competitive levels of play.

  3. Providing access to quality equipment, facility and sufficient practice time in order for players to take full advantage of the instruction and guidance available to them. 

Club Structure

Club 'Sota Volleyball now has three distinct team "level" designations.  The goal for the teams in these new designations is that they will get more appropriately-competitive opportunities during weekend competition dates.  The team levels are:

  1. Select Teams:

    1. Composed of players that have the highest skill levels within the club at the 18U, 17U, 16U, 15U, and 14U age divisions;

    2. Have the most rigorous schedule, with the majority of their competitions consisting of 2-day tournaments (see our website for the specific tournament information);

    3. Will compete in larger, more challenging events that may also provide increased exposure to college recruiters/coaches;

    4. Will have an extended season compared to the other team levels (end of May).

  2. Tournament Teams:

    1. Represent the majority of the club at the 18U, 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, and 13U age divisions;

    2. Players at this level will have a firm understanding of volleyball fundamentals, mechanics and strategy;

    3. Will compete primarily in 1-day tournaments, including the NCR Area Championships, throughout the season as well as the 2-day Presidents' Day Festival tournament and another 2-day tournament (TBD);

    4. Will have an extended season compared to the Club level teams (end of April).

  3. Club Teams:

    1. Made up of players that are relatively new to volleyball or players that want to continue to work on and improve their volleyball skills in a less stressful environment at the 15U, 14U, 13U, and 12U age divisions;

    2. Will compete in the Northern Lights Power League in Burnsville, MN, where they will have 5 Power League dates of competition throughout the season with similarly-skilled opponents, as well as competing in a 1-day tournament at the end of the season to showcase their improved skills.

    3. Will practice and compete through the end of March.

Balancing Fun and Competition 

Club 'Sota Volleyball strives to be a premiere Junior Olympic volleyball organization in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburban metro area for those interested in becoming members of a competitive volleyball club.

While we realize there can be a socially-cohesive benefit to keeping same-school players together during the JO season, we are not a “feeder” program for any particular school or district. We recognize the desire for friends that play together on school teams to want to continue to play together during the JO season, but that is not always the best approach if the club's goal is to strengthen players' skills in order to both enjoy playing volleyball while successfully competing against other teams at their level in their age groups.  Friends/teammates playing together on a school team may have disproportionate skill and experience levels from one another.  Our goal is to put the strongest teams on the court during competition by placing players of similar skill levels together on the most appropriate teams in their age group, regardless of which school they play for during the fall season.

As a competitive club, players displaying the best attitudes and effort in addition to skill competency will experience more playing opportunity than players that miss practices, have poor attitudes and/or display an overall lack of interest in competition.  Even though we want our players to have fun and enjoy the inherent social dynamic that results from practicing and playing together, Club ‘Sota Volleyball is not a recreational club.  If players and/or parents are not interested in working hard and competing at a higher level, there are other local organizations that provide an outlet for volleyball players that seek a more relaxed environment.